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​I started knitting again about 7 years ago.

My life in Canada (I'm originally from Tokyo, Japan) had been always working, and I just didn't have much time to enjoy my hobby.

​I married with my husband about 8 years ago. 10 months after I married, my husband got sick, and did a major heart surgery.

Since then, I quit my nursing job, and stay home to take care of my family.

​2 months after my husband's surgery, my mother passed so this was the toughest and darkest time of my life.  It was hard for me to adjust myself to changes in new environment, and I couldn't fulfill myself.  I was just overwhelmed with my new life style.

One day, I sewed a jumper for my new puppy, and then I started thinking of knitting in line with what my mother taught me over 30 years ago, though I wasn't sure whether I would still remember how to knit or not, because like I said, it was so long in the past.

I tried to look for some knitting tutorials on YouTube, but I couldn't really find the one I was looking for so I decided to start making my own tutorials as a record for myself!  That's how I started this endeavor!  It’s been a huge amount of fun for me.  I want to continue to do this as a lot of people have been supporting and encouraging me, in so many ways, since I started.  

I appreciated all of that so much that I called off spending time on other more lucrative careers.

​Now, I am asking you to keep supporting me same as before, plus perhaps donate to help me to maintain and improve my YouTube videos and this website as well if you like.

I would like to keep my patterns free of charge as much as possible and so donations are NOT mandatory, you are still welcome here.  Your generosity will be greatly appreciated.  

Arigato Goziamasu

​Again, thank you very much for watching my videos, subscribing my channel, and a lot of people left me so many nice comments.  Now I feel so grateful.  Thanks for that :)



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