Taking so long

I just finished editing Part 1 of Cardigan tutorial video.

This project became a looooog video, and I can't make it into 1 video.

At the first of all, making a plan took forever to explain, because this is a size adjustable cardigan, so it has be covered for every size, and any design.

Some want to have a deeper v neck, some don't.

Some want to have a big sleeves, some don't.

Something like that.

And the pockets! I used a short row technique to knit this diagonal pocket, and this is a seamless!!

Of course I had to explain it step by step....

etc, etc

Anyway, please be aware of it. This is a long video, but you need it!

I am going to finish the part 2 video soon as possible, hopefully within 2 days.

If you have a hard time to make a plan.

Let me know, I will try to help you!

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