Oops I did it again!

Deeper V Neck Cardigan.

I was on this project for at least 10 days.

To start with this project, I had a bad feeling, I shouldn't say "BAD", but....

This was one of the requests from the viewers.

Some people want me to knit the Deeper V Neck.

Some people want me to knit the V Neck Cardigan.

Some people want me to knit the Bolero.

Some people want me to knit something for Spring and Summer.

Some people want me to knit something with the pocket.

So I decided to combine everything together!

At the first of all, I went to Michaels to buy some yarns.

It was on sale, but I didn't have any yarn that I liked except this one.

"BABY RAINBOW" so soft, HOWEVER the color.... I picked was wrong.

When I pick the yarn, I usually buy a light color, because it's easy to see on the video.

But why I picked white! I don't like the garment in only white, but I did it.

This was my first mistake.

I started knitting anyway with doubt from the beginning!

And 2nd mistake,

I picked the cable design from my book.

HOWEVER!!! It was misprint on that page!

There was a wrong picture for that pattern.

I was wondering about the pattern, and I found it was their mistake later, but too late.

3rd mistake.

I calculated everything, stitch count, rows, and everything!

HOWEVER, I changed it when I was knitting, so it became too big!!!

Can you see the picture above?

I was supposed to stop increasing there, but I thought it was too small.

But it wasn't!!!!

4th mistake,

The pocket.

I waited to add the pocket a little too late, so the project now is too long!

Because of this, the cardigan looks like "GRANDMA CARDIGAN"


I showed it to my husband, and he didn't like it either.

These are the reasons why I didn't complete this project.

I will try to knit the same project someday, but definitely not with this color of yarn.

Anyway, I hate this happen, but, I am so relieved that I don't have to knit something I don't like!

I will use this yarn for something else.

Bye for now!

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