Do you sometimes feel in rush when you're knitting?

I've been working on my next project which is Deeper V Neck Cardigan with Cable Design on the Sleeves.

So far so good.

Every time I separate the sleeves from the body, I feel relieve, because now I know I just pass the almost half way.

However at the same time, I feel in rush, because I want to finish the project soon as possible. I'm just so excited to see the complete project.

And when I feel in rush, what I usually do is....

Just stop knitting, especially if it is at night.

Because I feel in rush plus I'm tired (usually knitting all day), the result is "I WILL MAKE A BIG MISTAKE"

For me, no doubt about it.

Tonight, I want to knit more in my head, but done for today :)

I will play with my dog for the rest of the night to refresh my mind.

Let's enjoy knitting tomorrow :)

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